Leslie Grace films Batgirl in Glasgow for HBO Max (Recap)

Leslie Grace wearing the dark purple Bat suit with a yellow cape

Batgirl movie has set up production in the streets of Glasgow, to become Gotham on January 10, 2022. Let’s recap what has happened so far.

This DC project stars Leslie Grace in the leading role as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. Also starring Michael Keaton as Batman, Brendan Fraser as Firefly, J.K. Simmons as James Gordon and Rebecca Front and Corey Johnson. Full suit reveal at the bottom of the article.

As Michael Keaton is confirmed to be in the Batgirl movie, this is set after The Flash movie. Barry is rumoured to be altering the timeline, to make Michael Keaton the main DCEU Batman in place of Ben Affleck and Supergirl in place of Henry Cavill’s Superman in the timeline.

Batman and Robin wall mural

Image by Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

The first surprising image that surfaced in Glagow, was from film crew setting up shop locations: this revealed a temporary wall mural of Batman and Robin. It is likely a placeholder similar to how Sony placed a PS4 Raimi-designed Spider-Man suit in a Morbius trailer, and these images also pre-existing artworks.

Film crew are covering the streets in fake snow for a Christmas setting and redesigning more shops.

Magazine props have been placed in shop windows

Batgirl set image
Image by @pepsicereza | Twitter

These may be mere easter eggs in the background. This first magazine November 2022, and references Lex Luther being put behind bars. As well as, the Capitol building bombing.

Image by @danieljohncaven | Twitter

In this image, there are two heavy references to Robin, involving the circus and court of owls. There is also a second magazine that appears to show an image of Jurnee Smollett’s Black Canary singing. In another magazine, there is also mention of Vicki Vale from Keaton’s Batman movie, now in DCEU.

On set, there has also been vehicles spotted with the names Wayne technologies and Stagg Industries, as well as buses and cop cars.

Image by @celtic_gh

There are more actors who have also been spotted on set and confirmed by major news outlet The Hollywood Reporter.

Ethan Kai

Image by Tony Nicoletti REACH PLC

Ethan Kai’s character appears to be a love interest, as he was seen kissing Barbara Gordon and holding her hand in a few other images. Fans are also speculating that Ethan could be playing Robin. Film crew also set up Christmas street markets.

Jacob Scipio

It’s not currently known which character Jacob Scipio will be playing, however fans are speculating that he could be Killer Moth or Alberto Falcone.

Batgirl has filmed in an old train tunnel, that is very reminiscent of the Batmobile entering/exiting batcave scenes in Michael Keaton’s Batman movies.

As well as shops being redesigned for Gotham, Big Screen Leaks revealed that scenes were being filmed inside a restaurant, there is currently no further information about that.

Leslie Grace’s Batgirl suit reveal

Leslie Grace Batgirl
Warner Media

Leslie Grace has posted the first reveal of her new Batgirl suit. This is also comic accurate to The New 52 Batgirl of Burnside. This a Year One suit; Barbara Gordon’s home-made version that is sporting a purple outfit, with a yellow cape and yellow boots.

According to @BatgirlFilm on twitter; next week, Brendan Fraser is rumoured to be filming scenes in Glasgow, at the Parnie St/Hutchison St and Glasgow Cross. If you are in the area and happen to take any photos of Brendan. Please kindly submit them to chatterboxfilm@hotmail.com and I will make an article featuring your images.

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