Beginning Scenes of Spider-Man No Way Home Released!

On Late Night with Seth Meyers show last night. Tom Holland appeared to talk about the Spider-Man No Way Home Movie and show the first 43 seconds of the movie.

Tom Holland’s outfit also matched Andrew Garfield’s PRADA outfit exactly from a GQ photoshoot a while back. Is Tom hinting at something?

The scene opens up following the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home. J. Jonah Jameson is announcing the shocking news that Mysterio outed Spider-Man as Peter Parker.

The crowd begin to overwhelm MJ on the ground; asking her “Are you Spider-Man’s girlfriend?!”. Peter Parker rushes to help get MJ out of there saying “Please don’t touch her!” and then the crowd gets angrier demanding for answers “You murdered Mysterio?!”, “He’s just a kid”.

Peter and MJ swing through the city to escape. There is also the reference to Disney Plus series Hawkeye, as scenes show Rogers The Musical on billboard. They finally end up on top of Queensborough Bridge, where Peter calls Ned in shock.

See Tom Holland’s Interview

First 43 seconds of the Spider-Man: No Way Home movie here:

Spider-Man No Way Home releases in cinemas from December 15.

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