‘Black Adam’ movie: Character Introductions

Character introductions for the movie Black Adam.

Dwayne Johnson stars in DC’s anti-hero movie titled Black Adam. In this article, there is a discussion about the characters that have been in previous clips and the synopsis of the movie.

What is the Black Adam movie about?

A group has discovered a tomb in Egypt; where they manage to set-free, this 5,000 year old super-powered anti-hero; known as Black Adam. He will unleash his own sense of justice upon the modern world.

A breakdown of the characters

Black Adam

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson as Black Adam.
Warner Bros.

As The Rock mentions “the hierarchy of power in the DC universe is about to change”, and indeed it could! Black Adam is a force to wreckoned, a nemesis to the superhero Captain Marvel; now known in movies as SHAZAM (Billy Batson).

This characters name is Teth/Theo-Adam, and he was born 5,000 years ago, in Kahndaq. Teth was chosen by the wizard Shazam before Billy Batson. This new opportunity gave him the chance to free himself from of his chains in life.

Adam was given abilities such as: super healing, super strength, flight, invulnerability, super speed, high intelligence and magic.

Johnson narrates in a clip as Black Adam; the place was “a melting pot of cultures, wealth, power and magic. Yet most of us had nothing, except for the chains around our necks”. He then goes on to say; “Kahndaq needed a hero, instead they got me. I did what needed to be done and they imprisoned me for it.”

Black Adam has never been seen in live action before.

Justice Society of America

Atom Smasher

Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher in Black Adam.
Warner Bros.

Noah Centineo is playing the superhero Atom Smasher. This characters real name is Albert Rothstein.

Atom Smasher is a metahuman, whom originally inherited his powers from a villainous ancestor known as Cycoltron. These abilities consist of Atomic Dispersal, Mass Increase (as seen in the image above), superhuman strength/speed/stamina and durability.

There has previously been a live-action appearance for Atom Smasher in The CW series The Flash.


Aldis Hodge as Hawkman in the Black Adam movie
Warner Bros.

Aldis Hodge stars as Hawkman. This character also originates from Ancient Egypt; He is originally a reincarnation of Prince Khufu.

In modern day, he usually goes by the name Carter Hall, and works as an archeologist and adventurer.

Prince Khufu discovered an alien space-craft from Thanagar, and the rare Nth Metal element; altered his soul, as well the soul of his love: Chay-Ara (Hawkgirl).

For most story-telling of Hawkman; there is an immortal tyrant named Vandal Savage, keeps hunting both Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Savage is ending their lives; forcing them to reincarnate sooner, only to get them again in their next lives.

There has previously been two live-action appearances for this Hawkman; in Smallville as a member of the JSA, and in time travelling series Legends of Tomorrow.


Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone in the Black Adam movie
Warner Bros.

Quintessa Swindell stars as the character Cyclone, also known as her alter ego: Maxine Hunkel; is the granddaughter of the original Red Tornado.

The powers of Cyclone were given to her without permission by an evil scientist. He injected her with a nanobyte technology; that was used to give powers to the android version of Red Tornado. This gives her the abilities to control the wind and deflect objects.

Cyclone has not been seen in live-action before.

Doctor Fate

Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate in Black Adam movie.
Warner Bros.

Pierce Brosnan stars as Doctor Fate; the founding member of Justice Society of America.

This character is also an archeologist named Kent Nelson. After releasing Nabu in an ancient tomb in Mesopotamia, Kent is enticed by the ancient immortal being, to host his powers.

These powers consist of total molecular control, taking grief away from him, and being able to see everyones fate except his own. As as well this, the Doctor has access to the the secrets of the universe.

Fate’s powers also consist of immortality, telekenesis, flight and super-human strength.

In live-action, Doctor Fate has only appeared in the series; Smallville.

Black Adam official teaser

New poster

Dwayne Johnson's Official poster for Black Adam.
Warner Bros.

As the trailer is arriving on June 8. Black Adam is releasing in cinemas on October 21. Click here for more release dates on Warner Bros content.

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