Breaking: Official Trailer Blunder Reveals a Big Spoiler for ‘Spider-Man No Way Home’

It’s been rumoured since 2020, that Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire might be coming back for Spider-Man No Way Home. There have been a dozen leaks online both in plot form and imagery showing Tobey and Andrew. The alleged images from a few months ago and recently, revealed both Tobey and Andrew (also a 4K video leak) at a construction site while both standing on scaffolding.

Now, in the official trailer posted by Sony Pictures Brasil on their Twitter page today. A construction site is at the Statue of Liberty, where scaffolding is present all around. The scene also reveals that Lizard is leaping into the air and is clearly seen being hit by something invisible or edited out of the trailer entirely! Electro also appears to be flying at someone that is not there. Tom is lunging mid-air towards Sandman. Was this intentional by Sony to leave this in here, or a complete mistake? If it wasn’t a mistake, why would Sony go through the trouble of editing both Spideys out, only to leave this scene in of Lizard being punched?

A twitter user also illustrated over the image to question what was happening:

Credit: @Hugoo_Lourenco

In the trailer posted by the main account for Sony Pictures Entertainment, this scene is cut just before Lizard is seen being punched.

I’ve also now checked Sony Pictures Youtube channels for Mexico, Japan, Australia and Brasil. That lizard punch isn’t in there, so far the edit is only found on Sony Pictures Brasil Twitter page.

Could the trailer footage really be hiding Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield by digitally removing them? We’ll soon find out in December when the movie premieres.

Steven Soper
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