‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Poster is Officially here!

Anticipation has been very high for the long awaited official poster for Spider-Man: No Way Home, and while the recent events of a poster had appearing in Australia on multiple buses and a printing press in France. Sony Pictures still did not release a poster officially online after these images went viral, until now!

A leaker, by the name of Daniel Richtman, mentioned on his RPK News patreon page 2 days earlier, that Sony Pictures were bringing a poster out during this weekend, for Spider-Man No Way Home. Here is the official poster:

Countless number of fans on Twitter have expressed their frustration even before the poster was officially released. As the speculation began to rise; if the poster was consisting of Doc Ock vs Spidey on the bridge, again! Their frustration is there likely due to Sony bringing too much focus on these scenes during the promo photos from Empire Magazine and the teaser trailer already. A poster with this same type of imagery also offers nothing new to see leaving fans unsatisfied.

First official look at Green Goblin

If you zoom in, you can now spot the first official look of Green Goblin, now that the full quality poster has arrived.

The background has definitely been changed since the bus posters and tweaked to reveal more especially with Electro’s lightning present and the lack of the mirror dimension Earth bending background. Also, there is Sandman’s presence in the sky.

This is another version likely since fan backlash on social media or Sony already had this other version ready:

Spider-Man: No Way Home releases in cinemas on December 17, 2021.

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