Is Edgar Wright directing an episode of Doctor Who?

Fans are convinced that Edgar Wright will be directing an episode of Doctor Who. Wright has recently been posting a series of ‘cryptic’ images on his instagram.

I’ll talk about what these images could signify and the previous things that Wright has said in an interview about Doctor Who.

Here are the three posts so far by Edgar Wright:


This first post is more of an obvious one; that it could be relating to the blue wooden door of The Doctor’s time machine called a TARDIS.

Hexagon TARDIS interior

Hexagon shapes have been used in Doctor Who for a very long time. However, within the past 10 years, the TARDIS Roundels have been prominent in the 50th Anniversary; when Matt Smith’s Doctor met Tom Baker’s Doctor. As well as subtly in Jodie Whittaker’s TARDIS interior.

Diamond chandelier

In addition to this, the Shaun of the Dead director posted this image of a diamond chandelier.

This image could be signifying a Diamond Jubilee; for a 60th anniversary. BBC will be celebrating the 60th anniversary in 2023; with the introduction of the Fourteenth Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa). Wright could be directing this very specific event.

2010 Interview

In a 2010 Digital Spy interview with Edgar Wright, for his movie Scott Pilgrim vs The World; there were mentions about Wright expressing interest in directing or writing episodes of Doctor Who.

Edgar Wright explained: “Last time I saw Steven [Moffat] at the airport, he said anytime you wanna da Doctor Who, just shout.” Then Wright said “Maybe I will! I grew up on Doctor Who, as a huge Doctor Who nerd, as a kid; to the point where I dressed up as Peter Davison’s Doctor… and weirdly I got offered to direct one of them, when Russell T Davies was doing it, during the Christopher Eccleston series, and I wasn’t really available to do it.”

Edgar Wright – Digital Spy interview

Centenary Special

Jodie Whittaker is set to return as The Doctor, in Autumn 2022. This is for her centenary special episode, alongside companions: Mandip Gil and John Bishop. As well as classic companions Ace (Sophie Aldred) and Tegan Jovanka (Janet Fielding) joining Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor for her last outing.

Would you be interested in seeing episodes of Doctor Who directed/written by Edgar Wright? Comment below!

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