Could this be our First Official Teaser Poster for Spider-Man No Way Home?

It has been a very long wait for fans; to get any poster for the latest Spider-Man movie hitting cinemas in December, and with it only being 42 days away from the release date. Now, this may be our first look at an official teaser poster. This appeared on a bus in Australia taken by a reddit user u/BananaBreadGabe

Spider-Man No Way Home poster spotted in the street

The alleged teaser poster shows Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the midst of being attacked by Doc Ock’s tentacles.

Is this a legitamate poster? Well, many more images began to surface online:

Spider-Man No Way Home poster spotted in the street

A reddit user by the name CyclopsWasRight7 of also thinks that they have solved whether or not this is real:

There is a possibility that someone could have hoaxed this all by printing out a fake poster that they have made combining images from the trailer and pre-existing promo photos as there is a photo of Tom Holland’s Spidey on a car already and the background is from the trailer.

Image: Courtesy of Sony/Columbia Pictures

Another user on Twitter claims to have seen them around in Australia too, stating that they have “probably been put up too early or something but these are definitely real”.

What do you think about this, real or fake? have you seen this poster for yourself on other buses or anywhere else? Comment below or contact @chatterboxfilm on twitter to send a photo of the poster

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