Did Wanda just break the ‘4th wall’?

In a new Doctor Strange 2 promo, titled: Wanda Returns, fans wonder if Wanda has broken the 4th Wall.

There is a very eerie ending; where Wanda Maximoff stares directly at the lense; possibly acknowledging there being an audience.

As this movie explores the multiverse; there is a major character; who usually observes events and tries to follow a rule of not interferring. This is a character called The Watcher (recently seen in Disney Plus series What If…?). Could Wanda have become so powerful from the Darkhold, that she is now aware of him?

This type of scene could also be a point-of-view; from someone looking at Wanda.

Full ‘Wanda Returns’ promo

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness releases in cinemas on May 6.

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