Disney+ National Treasure series: New casting detail revealed

Casting details for the Disney+ National Treausure series

Disney+ National Treasure is set to star Lisette Alexis as the lead character (Jess Morales), and Catherine Zeta-Jones as Billie: a billionaire treasure hunter and Black market antiquities expert.

The series is being described as an expansion of the Nicolas Cage-led film franchise. National Treasure will be centered on Jess; trying to uncover the mystery about her relatives. As well as this, National Treasure ‘is set to explore timely issues of identity, community, historical authorship, and patriotism’.

There has been new details of a background extra casting call on the Backstage website for: Elvis Fans & Graceland Tourists. The filming is taking place from March 22 to March 30, 2022. The Graceland scenes are set in Baton Rouge.

There’s no further context to the casting at this time. It could just be a nod to Nicolas Cage being a huge Elvis Presley fan as he has said in the past: “You got Elvis and David Bowie … they’re my heroes.”. Although, there doesn’t seem to be a National Treasure 3 movie involving Nicolas Cage coming.

There’s currently no release date set for the Disney+ National Treasure series yet.

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