Doctor Who: Flux Halloween Apocalypse (Spoiler Review)

In this latest episode of Doctor Who, as always the Doctor and now her one companion remaining (Yaz) are plunged into chaos with the universe on the very brink of ending, again!

The storylines location now seems to be based around Liverpool. It was tricky to keep track of what was happening in some parts as there is a lot going on in just the first episode back; multiple characters being introduced and re-introduced. One character is without any context that we shall definitely see more of throughout the rest of the series and multiple classic villains returning.

The writing for the storyline still has some ways to go, especially when an alien that looks like a dog is supposed to be helping the humans and the Doctor misinterprets this as kidnapping yet, this same alien attacks them to get John Bishops character back anyway, and to start off with, this alien being an enemy at the beginning of the episode and somehow turning out not to be that bad anyway? Doesn’t make sense.

In some parts, the special effects felt unfinished especially close up views of a villains face that appeared to be lacking texture, however the rest of the episode has very much improved visually compared to the previous, as more distant effects looked great and that Thanos type snapping effect was satisfying to see on the small screen.

Really enjoyed watching the introduction of the new companion called Daniel Lewis portrayed by John Bishop and his lines were quite funny and natural; bringing some new life into the show.

The Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) delivers her lines as energetically as always and the Doctors companion Yaz (Mandip Gill) does well to be the backbone and rational character.

Although the episode was packed, the ending of this first episode managed to bring everything together, and was a surprise of how much this universe shattering event is causing. This feels like an apocalypse that even the Doctor cannot get out of this time!

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