Fans are convinced that Topher Grace was in Spider-Man No Way Home

Topher Grace next to Spider-Man No Way Home logo

There is a scene in Spider-Man: No Way Home, in which a cameraman is filming the chaotic events outside of Happy Hogan’s apartment.

Fans have taken to Twitter a few days ago, after seeing a leaked image from a cinema, that led them to speculate if this was Topher Grace.

It didn’t help fuel this speculation after the role was written on Wikipedia: Topher Grace as Daily Bugle’s ‘bearded cameraman’. Wikipedia is not a reliable website for information, as this can be edited by anyone.

Topher Grace was originally Venom/Eddie Brock in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 (2007) alongside Tobey Maguire, and this would have been a funny disguised cameo, if it were included in the new movie

So, was Topher Grace in Spider-Man: No Way Home?

4 days ago, I was given information that this background performer was actor Robert Mitchel Owenby and he is mentioned as a Daily Bugle Lackey on the movies actual credits as well as on IMDB, long before the release. Although, Robert is still in the movie, he is not the Bearded Cameraman.

Robert Owenby discovered my tweet today and was able to inform me that background performer is actually Matthew Alden as the cameraman.

His name is Matthew Alden. I just spoke to him and he gave me permission to say his name. We both are very flattered to be a topic of discussion in one of the coolest movies of all time!

Robert Mitchel Owenby

If Topher Grace was hidden, somewhere else in the movie, it certainly hasn’t been noticed yet.

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