Fans Attend The Trailer Launch Event for ‘Spider-Man No Way Home’

Trailer Event Image: courtesy of @spiderlingdaya on Twitter

The trailer launch event took place in Los Angeles, on Tuesday 16 November, at Regal Sherman Oaks theatre. Sony Pictures promised to reveal ‘big surprises’ about the movie as well, as the official trailer for Spider-Man No Way Home. As soon as the news was announced, that there would be this event, there was unexpected popular demand for fans, wanting to visit. This made Regal Theatre move to a larger auditorium there, to allow more fans to gain access.

The crowd began to sing Sunflower from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse while waiting for the trailer.

Tom Holland walked on stage wearing a reddish suit, discussing the movie:

11/16/21 – Sherman Oaks: Tom Holland at Columbia Pictures Trailer Launch Fan Event of Spider-Man: No Way Home at the Regal Sherman Oaks. PHOTO BY: Steve Cohn COPYRIGHT: Steve Cohn

“It’s really over-whelming…It’s really over-whelming… I mean you make these films and you’re so attached to it, and you give your heart and soul, and you dedicate your life to this character, and to see it play out on the big screen, is so rewarding! And to see your reaction means that we’re doing something right and trust me when I say; that is the tip of the ice-berg! There is so much more… [inaudible] You will be screaming and.. honestly, I wanna tell you everything, but I can’t! Someone over there will kill me [Laughs]” – Tom Holland, speaking during the event.

Tom Holland also discussed meeting Willem Dafoe:

Sony have also filmed the event for a Behind-the-Scenes video, and cameras on tripods were placed infront of seats; facing the crowd.

Fans did win tickets as part of a promotional press announcement for this event as well as anyone else could enter on a first come, first serve basis. I contacted some of the fans that attended; in order to get their reactions:

“It was honestly a dream come true. It’s one thing to experience a trailer that carries that much anticipation, but to experience it in a theater with friends who you met because of this character with the character HIMSELF watching it with you….there are no words.” – Bell (@spiderlingdaya)

“It was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. Having Tom Holland there was just so epic and the trailer was just amazing. It was an experience I will never forget!” – Trey (@TheTreyinator). A fan that flew 5 hours to attend this event. True dedication!

“Event as a whole was truly an out of body experience, the crowd was incredible, we were all entertaining ourselves before the event even started, shouting trivia, iconic spidey quotes. Having Tom Holland there was truly the icing on the cake, there was absolutely no disappointment in the theater, when we saw Tobey and Andrew weren’t in it, we were all more than satisfied and can’t wait for December 17th” – Ruben Ripalda (@itsRipalda)

Thank you to the lucky fans that got to attend, that gave their thoughts. For those of us that unfortunately didn’t experience the event. The trailer did also release online.

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