First Look at the new suit in Superman and Lois

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Filming for season 3 of Superman and Lois has been taking place this week, in Thurlow and Melville, Downtown Vancouver. There’s images of an upgraded suit, Elizabeth Tulloch and Michael Bishop on set, as well as the villain revealed for the episode.

Tyler Hoechlin appears to be dressed in an upgraded Superman suit as he poses in the street, for new scenes.

The House of El emblem seems to have more of a refined shape, making it appear as there’s a raised shape. There’s also a Deeper tone of blue and more defined muscle outlines.

New images of the suit on set

Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane was also seen on set, joined by Michael Bishop (the actor who was cast to replace Jordan Elsass as Jonathan Kent). The Flash actor, Tom Cavanagh will also be directing this episode.

Images: CanadaGraphs

Atom Man is back!

Who is Atom Man?

A new image reveals the return of evil super-villain Henry Miller/Heinrich Melch; also known as Atom Man. The villain was also briefly seen in season 1: Episode 11. Henry Miller is a Neo-Nazi villain fuelled by Kryptonite, very dangerous to be anywhere near Superman.

If you like to read about the recap of season 2 for Superman & Lois, here is an article where I discuss this.

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