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Ghostbusters: Afterlife is a heartfelt tribute movie, full of surprises and fun spooky nostalgic scenes! However, can the story be a refreshing sequel, all while fulfilling the plot? Read more to find out!

This movie is centered around a single mother and her two children, that are leaving their old lives behind, for something a lot more than they bargained getting themselves in for.

The opening scenes of the movie, builds the context in such a shocking way than expected, about who was there, this will impact the rest of the plot, right to the end! 

The town of Oklahoma is in huge danger with being over-run by Ghosts. So, ‘who you gonna call?’. Of course! The introduction of a Ghostbusters’ Grand Children (Pheobe and Trevor).

It’s great how Mckenna Grace portrays the lead protagonist: Phoebe, in a purposefully dry humoured performance, also bringing hints of nostalgic qualities back from the previous movies such as the mannerisms of her Grandfather.

Finn Wolfhard plays her brother (Trevor), except Finn’s role doesn’t stand out much in this movie and comes across as dull and awkward. He is definitely overshadowed by Mckenna’s performance, whom carries the movie well throughout.

Carrie Coon, who plays mother (Callie) of the children.. started to become cringe-worthy in the last part of the movie. Didn’t do a very convince job of delivering lines either.

There are plenty of funny lighthearted scenes from Paul Rudd’s character Mr Grooberson… especially the teacher scenes.

The only issue with the plot is, that it lacks some originality; where it rehashes the same antagonists from the first Ghostbusters movie. Although, there is reasoning built into the plot for their return, it would have been great to see a new ‘big bad’. The main antagonist is still scarier than ever before!

The ending of the movie is so emotional, leaving tears and goosebumps. There is a cameo that is also definitely bizarre to see happen on screen like this, but it worked well for the story.

The visual effects were gobsmackingly brilliant! Even though the antagonists were a repeat, the updated appearances was electrifyingly refreshing! There’s a lot of warm colours in the cinematography. This compliments the ghosts showing up with a darker tone and setting. The proton pack blaster effects look so cool!

The pacing of the movie could have been much quicker in parts, especially the police station scenes.

The soundtracks by Rob Simonsen were so beautifully arranged, and respectfully keeping in with the style of Elmer Bernstein. All while bringing something new and refreshing to the table.

The movie does feel like it leaves you wanting for more sequels to come. Hopefully there will be!

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is a worthy watch. Jason Reitman directed a true legacy sequel movie, even though, there is a repeated antagonist, the movie offers special surprises to new and existing fans.

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