Howard Stern leaks involvement in Doctor Doom project?

Doctor Doom Marvel

On SiriusXM Satellite radio’s The Howard Stern Show; a mic was left on while the radio adverts were running, and Stern somehow did not notice. Howard Stern accidentally blurts out that he’s going to be working on a Doctor Doom Marvel project. Possibly for the MCU?

How could Doctor Doom fit into MCU Phase 4?

If Marvel Studios are working towards an MCU Secret Wars storyline, in the comics this involves Doctor Doom, Doctor Strange and many others in a fight with the Beyonders; in order to save the multiverse from an incursion. An incursion was recently mentioned a couple of times in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. For an MCU project, this similar event will likely involve Earth-838 and Earth-616 going up against Kang the Conqueror instead, at the end of phase 4, but could still involve the help of Doctor Doom. There was also a confirmed universe that Defender Strange belonged to on Earth-617, that could be in Secret Wars.

What did Howard Stern say on his show?

Howard Stern says “They’re going over this schedule with me and it’s gonna suck!” Then his colleague asks “Are you working this Summer?” And Stern replies “I already told you, I’m doing Dr. Doom. But… believe me, I’m f***ing miserable about it!” His employers are likely not going to be happy when they hear this.


Could this just be a hoax by the radio host? Stern also mentioned that he was contacting Robert Downey Jr. for advice, however the audio cut out during this part.

If Howard Stern wasn’t joking about his involvement… there’s a lot to question. Could this be a voice in a new animated show, audio book or connected to a MCU movie or series? It’s likely that Stern would not be getting the main role of Victor Von Doom.. and more than likely an extra/supporting role.

Stern’s previous acting work has been very thin, the most popular title that he has been involved in, other than his own show, would be in Men in Black 3, and this was uncredited.

People are already reacting to the news about this Stern working with Marvel:


This twitter user (@TheChrisV_) has a theory that Howard Stern is lending his voice to a new podcast in the Wastelanders series.

This is also available on SiriusXM radio and describes a Marvel podcast to be ‘In the barren, desolate wasteland of the mid-west as controlled by Doctor Doom, they encounter the ageless telepath, Emma Frost, outlaw Ghost Riders, and the bloodthirsty Kraven the Hunter. Who will find the Black Vortex first and what will be the price of its power?’

More reactions:


Hopefully, more news to come out about this information soon!

What do you think this project is about? Comment below!

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This was also first reported on by Uproxx.

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