Latest Hawkeye Episode Teases A Huge Character Return

In the latest third episode of Disney Plus Hawkeye Series title ‘Echoes’. There is a focus on building Maya Lopez’s (played by Alaqua Cox) backstory and how she became Echo. There is a character who plays an important part in her development and finally he has been referenced and partially shown.

In a discussion between Echo and Kazi about power and trust: there is a mention of Uncle. Kingpin is known as Uncle to her. Kingpin helped raise Maya.

Also in these images from the third episode, while the show focuses on Echo’s childhood; there is a partial tease of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk returning.

Vincent D'onofrio as Wilson Fisk Kingpin
Image: Netflix ‘Daredevil’ – Marvel Studios

Wilson Fisk aka KingPin was last seen in Netflix’ Daredevil where he manipulated his way to the top in Hell’s Kitchen. Matt Murdock fought against Fisk in the end. It’s unclear if this character is the exact same from the Netflix show, a variant of Fisk or just a reboot. It depends on if Marvel Studios are continuing on from this show.

Hopefully KingPin will be fully revealed in the fourth episode and we will get to see what his plans are throughout the show.

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