Lightyear director responds to review bombing

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Disney and Pixar’s latest animated movie Lightyear – starring Chris Evans, Uzo Aduba, Taika Waititi and Keke Palmer has been getting heavily review bombed online; with 1-star reviews on IMDB.

Lightyear has not only recieved review bombing, the animated movie has also been underperforming at the domestic box office; with the movie launching at $50.6 million. The worldwide box office is currently totalling $97.5 million, with a budget of $200 million spent making the movie, Pixar has yet to benefit from the profits.

Why has Lightyear been getting review bombed?

The Hollywood Reporter covered claims that the review bombing and low box office numbers were due to people not understanding the concept of the movie, a lack of interest in seeing a solo story about Buzz Lightyear… as well as backlash surrounding Disney reinstating a same-gender kiss scene, that ended up getting Lightyear banned in 14 countries.

On other review sites such as Rotten Tomatoes, Lightyear is doing well, with the Tomatometer critic score at 75% and audience score at 85%.

As mentioned, audiences had a confusion over the concept; as to why Tim Allen wasn’t voicing Buzz Lightyear, from the Toy Story universe.

The context is; that Lightyear is a movie that Andy saw in cinemas; of a live-action in-universe Space Ranger story – starring Chris Evans as Buzz Lightyear. Merchandise was then created for the movie and Andy brought home a Buzz Lightyear toy; programmed with the voice of Tim Allen. The toy has it’s own voice and personality.

Here is an example from one of the 1-star reviews on IMDB about the confusion.

No Tim Allen and that really showed through on the comedic side of what Buzz is supposed to be. My 5 year old fell asleep halfway through the movie even though he loved all of the Toy Story’s and Buzz was one of his favs. He asked me what was wrong with him afterwards and I explained it was a different actor playing him.

Nicodemus_hotsauce on IMDB

What does the director of the movie have to say about these review bombings?

On Twitter, Lightyear director; Angus MacLane responds to a fans (@Garrett20001) support against the review bombings. Angus writes ‘Folks can review bomb all day long. This movie will still hit Disney+ and be the film everyone wishes they saw in theatres’.

Angus MacLane also asks when people will stop using LGBTQIA+ content to boycott projects: ‘at what point does this “controversy” that is intended to silence and dissuade LGBTQIA+ content end up backfiring and elevating said content?’.

Chris Evans’ response

Actor, Chris Evans has also been responding to critics for trashing the film; about the inclusion of gay couples in content. “Those people are idiots“.

“The real truth is those people are idiots… There’s always going to be people who are afraid and unaware and trying to hold on to what was before. But those people die off like dinosaurs.”

Chris Evans. Reuters article

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When to expect Lightyear on Disney+?

If Disney follow the 45-day window release, Lightyear should be arriving on Disney+ from August 1, 2022. Angus MacLane has also mentioned that the movie will be on Disney+ this year.

Check out the second official trailer:

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