Moon Knight Director addresses Mandarin complaint by Simu Liu

During episode two of the Marvel Studios’ series Moon Knight on Disney Plus. The show brought in many complaints from a countless number of fans on social media; for the incorrect use of Mandarin. This is in a scene where Arthur Harrow and Steven Grant, were interacting about the community that he has built.

Marvel actor who plays Shang-Chi; Simu Liu comments about the language in this scene.

The director and also one of the executive producers for Moon Knight, Mohamed Diab has later responded to these concerns.

Thank you for pointing that out. We Arabs feel disrespected when Arabic is just gebrish in most American films, so I understand. Although Harrow had just 2 lines, and we had an expert, but we should do better and we will.

Mohamed Diab

A Youtuber has been working out what they are saying in this scene.

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