New Marvel’s Secret Invasion casting details: A grieving character?

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Secret Invasion is an upcoming Marvel series on Disney Plus set in the MCU – starring Samuel L. Jackson, Emilia Clarke and Ben Mendelsohn.

This mini-series will be focusing on Skrulls, that have infiltrated many aspects of life in this timeline; including people in positions of power and potentially heroes that have been seen before.

Skrull Refugee

Through searching for the Secret Invasion working title called Jambalaya. I have found information on the casting website called Star Now for walk-on extra (Steve B.) Playing as a Skrull Refugee.

Skull refugee in Secret Invasion. Star Now casting website
Star Now casting website

There are of course Skrulls with bad intentions, however there are also good Skrulls seeking refuge away from the chaos, as seen before in the Captain Marvel movie.

Grief Counselling Member

Grief Counselling group member in Marvel's Secret Invasion
Star Now casting website

There are also possible scenes of a Grief counselling group (also found from Star Now casting site). This counselling group deals with symptoms of bereavement and loss. Who could be seeking help for grief Emilia Clarkes character? This extra (Maurice Samuel) is listed as a member. Possibly a Skrull refugee as well?

It’s difficult to pin down which character, will be in these grieving scenes. Phase 4, has dealt with Thanos snapping half of all life in the universe, then people struggling as they returned from the blip.

Release date:

A possible release year for Secret Invasion was also recently found by me and One Take News, indicating that Secret Invasion could be released in 2023.

Check out set photos for Secret Invasion revealing a Russian setting.

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