Review for Spider-Man No Way Home arrives on December 15th

I’m seeing Spider-Man No Way Home in the cinema on December 15th at 7:20pm UK GMT time. There will be a review coming late at night. I’m really looking forward to this movie and I’ve been covering the news on it for about 7 months, starting on Twitter and now on my very own website.

As you may have seen, I do also cover many other movies, so the journey of Chatter Box Film doesn’t stop here, it’s just that Spider-Man has been a big favourite of mine and for many other people too.

The hype surrounding this new movie has been like no other in the film community from speculation, fake leaks, real leaks to surprising reveals in official content!

On December 21, I will also be seeing the movie in IMAX, this will be the first time that I’ve ever experienced IMAX in cinemas. Let me know what your experiences have been like seeing this type of screening by commenting below!

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Steven Soper
Steven Soper

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