She-Hulk: New clip reveals cause of the car crash

She-Hulk sitting in a car with the logo overlayed

In the upcoming Marvel Studios series ‘She-Hulk: Attorney At Law’ on Disney Plus. The comedy series explores Jennifer Walters life completley change as she becomes superhuman like the Hulk, as well as dealing with how this affects her career as a lawyer.

There is a car crash that knocks Jennifer Walters off the road through a barrier, and then Bruce’s blood mixes with Jennifer’s by accident, making her become genetically changed into She-Hulk.

Car crash clip

There has been an exclusive clip posted by IMDB, as well as on the official Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel, that shows Bruce Banner in the car with Jennifer, while they discuss theories about Captain America. A purple and yellow spacecraft that is very similar to a ravager ship from Thor: Ragnarok, then flies over and in front of their car and Jennifer panics! The car flips over and spins off of the road.

She-Hulk will be premiering on August 18.

Check out the official trailer

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