Spider-Man: No Way Home (Non-Spoiler Review)

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This is a brief review for the 2D Screening of Spider-Man: No Way Home and this does not contain spoilers.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is of course following directly on from the events of Far From Home; where Peter has already been exposed as Spider-Man by Mysterio and the continuity is brilliant!

This was such a fun movie. It’s definitely one for comic book movie history! Plenty of surprising twists and emotional moments throughout. It’s also more comedic than expected, most memed Spider-Man movie ever. It’s amazing how Sony and Marvel pulled this off!

It was amazing to see how characters interacted with each-other. It’s what most fans would have dreamed of and maybe never expected to ever happen.

There were so many funny references and other lines in the movie between all of the characters, that made this film so much more enjoyable. However, this slightly distracted away from villains feeling intimidating, and some are under-used, so their moments at the end didn’t have much of an impact as they should have.

The CGI could have been better during swinging scenes. Also, when editing in backgrounds behind characters and using the correct lighting. Although, the villains had much better updated design appearances to them now, compared to their previous movies.

It was incredible seeing Spider-Man’s hand-to-hand combat fight scenes, very visceral and not so much use of webbing attacks this time and this is Tom Holland’s best performance compared to Homecoming and Far From Home.

The pacing can feel very quick for some characters and character development was still lacking from previous movies. Wishing that the film was actually longer; to build up more backstory and catching up on what these characters have been up to. There was plenty of missed opportunities for other characters that were not included.

The ending is dramatic and heartbreaking, as well as inspiring and bold.

The two credit scenes offer major reveals of what is to come. So definitely check out those!

Michael Giacchino’s compositions are beautiful and perfect in all of the right places. A lovely homage to legendary composers. The music reinforced the very sad scenes as well as also strengthening those epic fights and build-ups to shocking surprises.

Spider-Man: No Way Home does leave a feeling of wanting more from this plot. However, The film has met so many other expectations and it was a great fan service to generations of cinema and it was a great send-off for this trilogy. Easily movie of the year! This is a must-watch!

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