Superman & Lois star puts VFX budget rumours to rest

Features Tyler Hoechlin as Superman, and Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane

The Superman & Lois fan community has been divided, when it comes to the VFX in this CW show. The fans heavily comparing scenes to Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman. These comparisons bring both harsh criticisms, as well as high praise for what tv show can accomplish on a limited budget.

A fan (@KevinTalks12) on twitter defended the VFX, for the show, mentioning they think it’s an “unfair comparison between a hundred million dollars movie and a network TV show”.

Elizabeth Tulloch, whom plays Lois Lane in the show, weighed in with her opinion about the VFX team: “Our VFX team is so great and they pour their heart into the work and it shows”.

There has long been rumours spread among the fandom, that HBO MAX provided the budget; in order to make the scenes appear of high quality similar to the movies. As Elizabeth Tulloch mentions, it’s not funded by HBO Max.

Full tweets here:

In earlier tweets, Tulloch also gave a shoutout to the VFX team behind the shows success.

“Huge shout-out to the @cwsupermanlois VFX team: Matt Gore, Producer John Gajdecki, Supervisor. Bob Habros & Chris Deger, On set VFX Supervisors. Weverton Alves, VFX Lead
Ryan Epp, VFX Comp. VFX houses we used in 201: Refuge, Boxel & Kalos


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