Superman & Lois: Villain Revealed for Season 2

Bright Laser beams crossing from left to right. Centre: 4 characters (Superman, Lois Lane and their sons, Jordan and Jonathan)

In the third episode of Season two, for Superman & Lois: Clark is struggling with his mind and the ability to control his powers. Let’s find out why that is.

There’s a reason why Clark’s mind was seriously affected. Across the Arrowverse shows, that explores the multiverse situation, there can’t be two of the same beings occupying one Earth for too long. A doppelgänger would not survive, if Superman was still there.

This episode titled The Thing in the Mines finally unearthed something hideous! It was not Doomsday, as previously speculated by fans. It is in-fact Bizarro!

The doppelgänger broke out of the mines, in an armoured suit with a mask covering his face, and began to attack Superman. Bizarro’s face was shockingly revealed through the broken mask.

Tyler Hoechlin’s Bizarro

Cw Bizarro Superman played by Tyler Hoechlin

A strikingly similar appearance to the Injustice 2 game skin of Bizarro.

Bizarro Superman. Injustice 2 game
Injustice 2 Bizarro

Who is Bizarro?

Bizarro is a supervillain from Bizarro World, and he is the mirror image of Superman. Everything he does is against Superman’s core beliefs and has reverse versions of Kryptonian powers such as freeze-vision and fire-breath.

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