Trailer Breakdown: ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

Zeus lightning bolt

Marvel Studios has released the official trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder – starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Taika Waititi and Tessa Thompson.

This movie is about Thor going on a journey of self-discovery. All of these plans are put on hold, after Thor comes face-to-face with a lethal villain called Gorr the God Butcher; threatening to cause the extinction of all gods.

Ravager Thor

Chris Hemsworth's Ravager Thor in Thor Love and Thunder.
Marvel Studios

The trailer begins with Korg narrating over scenes of Thor in his Ravager Thor outfit; with the Guardians of the Galaxy, on an alien world; as they all fight an off-screen threat.

King Crab?

King Crap Marvel villain possibly in Thor Love and Thunder
Marvel Comics

Thor appears to be fighting a huge creature, that has crab-like features. The background location is very similar to the Asgardian populations new home called; New Asgard in Tønsberg.

It makes sense that it could be King Crab or his henchman; as the creature is an Atlantean villain from the ocean. New Asgard is also built directly next to coastal areas, surrounded by threats from the water.

Mighty Thor and Thor in Thor Love and Thunder
Might Thor

While New Asgard is under attack; Jane also turns up in the middle of the fighting, as Mighty Thor to completely shock Thor; wearing his new helmet. The trailer does heavily focus on the awkward re-introduction of Jane Fost back into Thor’s journey.

Introduction of Gorr the God Butcher

Gorr the God Butcher Christian Bale in Thor Love and Thunder
Marvel Studios

Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher can be seen for the first time, in multiple scenes throughout. Gorr is likely reacting to being imbued with powers by All-Black the Necrosword in the first image. On his home planet, He has lost all faith in the gods as they fail to help him and anyone else on his planet; stating that ” All gods care about is themselves… so, this is my vow, all gods will die!”

King Valkyrie vs Gorr

Russell Crowe's Zeus carrying the Lightning Bolt in Thor Love and Thunder
Marvel Studios
Tess Thompson as King Valkyrie, wielding the lightning bolt of Zeus against Gorr the God Butcher Christian Bale in Thor Love and Thunder
Marvel Studios

An intense fight breaks out between King Valkyrie and Gorr the God Butcher, on a lifeless ball of rock, within the cosmos. King Valkyrie is also wielding the lightning bolt of Zeus (Russell Crowe). The bolt is possibly gifted to Valkyrie after winning a trial at Olympus.

Chris Hemsworth Thor fighting Gorr the God Butcher Christian Bale in Thor Love and Thunder
Marvel Studios

Gorr must be shown killing some gods during this movie; to prove how serious his character really is. Could this be the end of Zeus, King Valkyrie and or Thor?

Falligar the Behemoth

Falligar the Behemoth in Thor Love and Thunder

It appears that Falligar is one of the victims, to suffer by the hands of Gorr. This patron god is shown brutally murdered, in both the teaser and this new trailer.

Statues of Entities

Death, the watcher, living tribunal in Thor Love and Thunder
Marvel Studios

Currently, the name of this place is unknown, however; the first statue is Death/Lady Death. There is also The Watcher and Living Tribunal; this cosmic entity was recently teased in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. There’s been many guesses online about who the other two statues could be.

Mighty Thor flying on a Valkyrie Steed in Thor Love and Thunder
Marvel Studios

Jane Fost as Mighty Thor can be seen flying on a Valkyrie Steed to this location, as Death and Living Tribunal statues are at the bottom of the image. Mighty Thor, is then seen drawing in lightning with Thor’s former hammer Mjolnir.


Eon in Thor Love and Thunder
Marvel Comics

The first question mark might be Eon; associated with the concept of time and one of the first cosmic entities, during the time of the Big Bang. There is also a suggestion from Marvel fans online, the statue could be of the celestial The One Above All.

A second question mark is more indecisive amongst fans online, when I asked about this on the Chatter Box Film twitter page. Could the statue be of Destiny, Infinity or someone else?


Destiny in Thor Love and Thunder

Destiny is an X-Men focused character, with precognitive abilities, this character formed the brotherhood of mutants. If this statue is about Destiny, maybe the movie could be introducing hints at more mutants coming?


Infinity cosmic being statue Marvel character in Thor Love and Thunder
Marvel Comics

Infinity is another cosmic being, and counterpart to Oblivion; this character also happens be in affiliation with Asgardians and cosmic entities such as Living Tribunal, Galactus and Kronos.

The being’s powers consist of being able to manipulate time, space, matter, magic and reality. This statue seems more likely to be a representation of this character in this trailer.

4K version of the trailer

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