Update: Disney+ UK will be getting Netflix Marvel Shows

Latest update Netflix Marvel content on Disney+UK

After the news came out, that all Marvel content is leaving Netflix on March 1st, due to the licensing reverting back to Walt Disney Studios.

A press release revealed that, the Marvel shows will be on Disney+ Canada on March 16. However, there were no signs, as to when the UK or anywhere else was confirmed to recieve them.

Marvel shows leaving Netflix

Upon contacting Disney+ customer service in the UK, to enquire on this subject matter. Here is what they were able to say:

There have been communication about the acquisition of the said shows. But as of this moment we don’t have any specific date as to when it will be available in the UK.

And trust me on this, we are doing our best to have it added the soonest time possible as we do have a lot of requests and inquiry coming in regarding this.

Disney+ Customer Service

There are talks happening for Disney+ getting these shows in the UK. There isn’t currently any specific date for the UK yet. However, It’s reassuring that Disney are trying to add the shows at the soonest time possible.

We will keep you posted via social media platform as soon as it’s available as this is a big deal for us as well. thank you for showing your excitement.

Disney+ Customer Service

More information should be coming soon via their accounts on social media.

What this means for future Marvel content

As this person mentions, “this is a huge deal”. There are major benefits for Disney now having these rights back from Netflix.

This will give Marvel Studios the ability to further use the characters: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, The Punisher and Iron Fist throughout more projects.

For now, the next Marvel series coming to Disney+ in the UK and other countries is Moon Knight on March 30.

Edit: 18 hours after publishing this article. Now the precise date has been revealed for more countries. The Marvel shows are coming to the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand on March 16. Quite a limited number of countries though.

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