YouTubers React to Watching Spider-Man: No Way Home (No Spoilers)

Youtubers react to Spider-Man No Way Home

The world premiere for Spider-Man: No Way Home has recently taken place in LA; where stars of the movie and other guests that were invited, were able to see the full movie.

Reactions have now been posted online from YouTubers. I also covered the news on who showed up for the premiere and their appearances on this Twitter thread.

It’s tricky navigating YouTube for these reactions without running into a video spoiling the movie. So here are a few videos that don’t spoil it!

Youtuber reactions

Two YouTubers Cosmic Culture and The Cosmic Wonder reacts:

Warren mentions in amazement: “Oh my gosh, greatest movie of all-time. What the heck!”, “I cried so much!”, “I’m blown away!… It’s amazing” then Warren says “Whatever you think about the movie, you don’t know! [Chris interjecting] “Our expectations actually weren’t high enough]”, “Mind blown in ways that you’re not expecting”.

An extra video when they both had more time to react going to the red carpet and seeing the movie:

Tessa Smith (Mama’s Geeky) offers a spoiler-free review and reactions.

Tessa mentions “Let me start off by saying, that this movie did not meet my expectations, you guys. It EXCEEDED THEM! This movie is huge! It is every single that I wanted and more”, “You’re laughing one minute and then crying the next, then you’re freaking out the next minute, and then you’re crying again and you’re like: What is going on?!”

The Reel Rejects are just speechless:

Which day are you seeing the movie? and who are you hoping to see in the movie?

Spider-Man No Way Home opens to the public in cinemas from December 15.

I will be watching the movie on December 15, and I will bring out a review and reactions on here, so be sure to subscribe to the Chatter Box Film site and follow me on twitter @chatterboxfilm to be the first to read that.

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