Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion set photos surface online

Secret Invasion is an upcoming Marvel series created by Kyle Bradstreet – Starring Samuel L Jackson, and Ben Mendelsohn.

Filming for the series began in September 2021. Now, the film crew have recently been setting up in Halifax and Leeds. These new set photos appear to be designed, to resemble Moscow, Russia. As Atlanta Filming writes ‘It’s Cyrillic and says Unity in Russia. Could be Iceland.’ This is of course referring to National Unity Day.

Set Photos

How could this fit into the story; for Skrulls infiltrating Earth? It’s highly likely that Skrulls will be placing themselves within positions of power. This will be the most logical way to gain control and manipulate situations, all the while hiding in plain-sight.

Skrulls have already shown up in Captain Marvel and in a post-credit scene for Spider-Man: Far From Home. They could have already been impersonating characters in other Marvel content that we’ve watched.

Secret Invasion series will be streaming on Disney+, the specific date is not currently known.

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