Batgirl set photos reveal Brendan Fraser’s Firefly costume

The film crew has been working in Glasgow since January for the HBO Max Batgirl movie.

There has been so many people passing by, who have managed to take pictures that reveal an insight into the movie so far. From Wayne Technologies vehicles, Vicki Vale and Lex Luthor Magazines in the backgrounds to Batman and Robin wall murals.

As well as this, there was a first look of Leslie Grace’s Batgirl suit and Michael Keaton’s new suit reveal.

Brendan Fraser did also arrive in Glasgow on January 17, took pictures with fans and filmed scenes. However, back then, Fraser’s character wore regular clothes until now, a suit is revealed.

There has been many actors arriving to film in the area that would be Gotham. Leading star Leslie Grace, J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon and Michael Keaton reprising once again as Batman. As well as Ethan Kai and Jacob Scipio.

Now in March, Brendan Fraser’s new suit spotted for being the villain Firefly

Brendan Fraser wearing the Firefly suit in HBO Max Batgirl
Via Twitter: @BatgirlFilm & @Reilly_Lee13

The suit appears to be lacking wings; differs from the comic design. This is a more grounded arsonist character. The cylinders on the back; to fuel his weapons and a mask to protect himself from the deadly smoke.

Brendan Fraser wearing the Firefly suit in HBO Max Batgirl
Via Twitter: @BatgirlFilm & @Reilly_Lee13
Firefly in Batgirl
Reddit: u/FieryWool

Who is Firefly?

The character in the comics is called Firefly; also known as Garfield Lynns. He is a villainous pyrotechnics expert. An enemy of the Batman family throughout the years. His life has also been severly affected by the poverty in Gotham.

It will be interesting to see how Batgirl will interact with Brendan Fraser’s character on-screen.

The Batgirl movie is expected to release on HBO Max in December, 2022.

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