Sony Pictures Reveals New Spider-Man Suit

New Spider-Man suit

Spider-Man No Way Home has recently been released, and it has already shocked fans around the world!

Sony Pictures posted a tv spot; celebrating this success and Rotten Tomatoes giving the movie a 95% rating.

However, in this TV spot, there is one major spoiler that they used in there! In Spider-Man No Way Home… there is a new suit worn by Tom Holland at the end of the movie, and this will be used further in the next trilogy.

Sony Pictures
Sony Pictures

The suit is a vibrant and bold blue and red with changed Spider symbols on the back and front.

TV Spot on Twitter:

Instagram Tv Spot video here:

An artist on Twitter called ‘Kdog.Digital’ also recreated what they saw from the official video and images; in order to see it clearly.

Fan art by

Check out the non-spoiler review.

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