The Batman credits just revealed more about Barry Keoghan’s role

The Batman in his suit alongside Barry Keoghan infront of Arkham Asylum

It was reported in November, that Barry Keoghan was seen in test screenings for The Batman.

Barry was speculated to be playing a character called Stanley Merkel (a police officer for the Gotham City whom works with Jim Gordon). In addition to this, Keoghan has also been rumoured to play a new iteration of The Joker.

The speculation around Keoghan playing The Joker was spread further by his own brother in November; Eric Keoghan, as he writes: ‘So It’s finally out my brother playing the JOKER in the new Batman unreal stuff‘.

Now, the full casting credits have been revealed online; this brings new hints that Barry Keoghan will likely be playing The Joker.

The Batman movie credits for Barry Keoghan at Arkham Asylum.
Warner Bros.

Barry Keoghan is listed as an Unseen Arkham Prisoner at Arkham Asylum. This is where the criminally insane reside.

The Batman movie credits for Barry Keoghan at Arkham Asylum.
Warner Bros.

The Unseen Arkham Prisoner role also involves a level of prosthetics, designed by Mike Marino. Mike also works on the Penguin design for Colin Farrell.

Could Barry Keoghan finally be in the role of The Joker or playing a totally different villain that’s not been speculated? The anticipation is high surrounding his role.

The mystery should be revealed when The Batman releases in cinemas on March 3, 2022.

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