Doctor Who 60th: Classic comic book Aliens spotted on set

Doctor Who 60th anniversary villains with David Tennant and Catherine Tate

BBC’s science-fiction series Doctor Who is set to release 60th anniversary special in 2023.

Filming continues for the huge event that is the Doctor Who 60th anniversary special. As the cast crew and crew travel from Camden Town to Cardiff; new set photos begin to surface online.

It has all felt like a dream, after finding out that David Tennant is returning once again, alongside Catherine Tate. The rest of the actors from the Noble and Temple family are also returning; Bernard Cribbins, Jacqueline King and Karl Collins. Also, if the rumours are true, Yasmin Finney’s ‘Rose’ could be Donna’s daughter; Rose Temple-Noble.

Set photos

Camden Town, England

May 16, 2022

There was also some of the first set photos, during the middle of May; that revealed David Tennant in his new outfit, whilst standing next to a TARDIS.

Cardiff, Wales

New set photos were captured by Twitter user; Callum @tor_chwood. The filming has been taking place in Axminster Road/Minster Road.

June 6 & 7, 2022

Unit Vehicles

There has been a number of vehicles; sporting the newly designed UNIT logo. Here in these images, you can see: Black Cabs, Military style vehicles and Land Rover Defender Jeeps.


For comparison purposes; here is a previous version of the logo, that was recently seen in Jodie Whittaker’s episode titled ‘Survivors of the Flux’.

Kate Stewart Survivors of the Flux episode unit logo. Doctor Who

Wrarth Warrior?

Wrarth Warrior. A person wearing pieces of a green alien costume, was spotted on set. Doctor Who

A person wearing pieces of a green alien costume, was spotted on set.

Wrarth Warrior on the set of Doctor Who for the 60th anniversary. Set photo

Twitter user, Marcus, has been very quick, to find a striking comparison to an existing character, this could be a Wrarth Warrior. Wrarths have not been seen in live-action before and the first appearance was in a Marvel comic story; titled ‘Doctor Who and the Star Beast’.

What is a Wrarth Warrior?

In the comics, this character is an insectoid, and is also part of an intergalactic police force; created by the Star Council.

Wrarth Warriors is usually associated with the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and mentioned by the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker).

Beep the Meep?


Fans are also speculating that, this little creature seen in recent set photos could also be: Beep the Meep.

This character is the Wrarth Warrior police force’s most popular villain, that they have to deal with. Beep was first seen in Marvel Comic ‘Doctor Who and the Star Beast. The species is described as a dangerous furry creature with a concealed laser pistol, from the Wrarth Galaxy.

Video Clip

Running into a cab

In this brief late-night clip; David Tennant’s Doctor, alongside Shaun Temple, Sylvia Noble, Rose, and Donna rush into a cab. Blue stobe lights are flashing soon after, as Twitter user @ryxnf suggests; there could be some form of teleportation about to happen during the show. Who could they be running from?


There is a lot of mystery surrounding this 60th special, most of the speculation is about David Tennant is actually back. Russel T Davies is fuelling these theories more; with his instagram caption; suggesting flashbacks, parallel worlds and more. What are your theories about how the tenth Doctor is returning? Comment below!

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