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In a breakdown video featuring Kirsten Dunst’s going through her career for Vanity Fair. Dunst talks about what it was like working on the first Spider-Man (2002) movie.

Kirsten Dunst specifically mentions working with the director Sam Raimi and actors: Alfred Molina and Willem Dafoe whom played Doc Ock and Green Goblin.

“I just felt like it was special the cast that was coming together always; it was like Willem Dafoe and Alfred Molina, and like we always had amazing actors.”

Kirsten Dunst. Vanity Fair.

Dunst describes how passionate Sam Raimi was as a director, to make these Spider-Man movies.

“Sam [Raimi] always wanted the quality the heart and soul. That was always the most important and the way he talked about Spider-Man and movies, he just got you excited like I remember when we did do the upside down kiss he had given me a book, um of like famous kisses, like Sam was so romantic about this movie and so making it with him didn’t feel like a huge movie it felt like we’re making a tiny movie on a bigger scale”

Kirsten Dunst. Vanity Fair.

There is also what Dunst though about her version of the character Mary-Jane Watson.

“Mary Jane you kind of like kind of know what she is when she runs out of her house like a fight going on in her house and she sees. Peter there and you’re like, oh Mary Jane has this whole really hard childhood that like you just got a glimpse of she’s kind of represents every girl next door kind of everyone has problems, she represents first love”

Kirsten Dunst. Vanity Fair.

There was a stunt performed by Kirsten on the Sony Studio set that wasn’t filmed. Sam Raimi had asked for the stunt try-out to be done.

“Sam Raimi wanted me to like try out a stunt. So he took me to the top of a Sony studio, which is very very very high and they just free felt, like I bungee jumped basically. I was like, you should have shot that because I’m never doing that again. That’s never happening. I was terrified!”

Kirsten Dunst. Vanity Fair.

The full Vanity Fair Breakdown video is available on YouTube:

Kirsten Dunst’ most recent work is starring in a movie with Benedict Cumberbatch, called The Power of the Dog. This is currently streaming on Netflix.

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