Quantum Leap reboot: premiere date, plot details revealed

Quantum Leap is coming back after nearly 30 years. NBC has revealed the synopsis and premiere date for the reboot.

This science-fiction show ran fro five seasons from 1989 – 1993. The story originally focused on Dr. Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) as he was trapped in time by his own invention; leaping from one life to the next, to put things right that once went wrong. Unable to return home, Sam with the help of his best friend and colleague Al Calavicci (Dean Stockwell) guide their way through history. Sam could only travel within in his own lifetime as he exlained in his String Theory method for time travel.

The original shows creator Don Bellisario and Deborah Pratt who orginally voiced Ziggy are going to working on this reboot too; as producers.

Rebooted plot details

Ben Song as Physicist Raymond Lee. Quantum Leap (NBC)

This new storyline is also a continuation set in a timeline 30 years on from these events of Sam’s leaps and appears to be a similar template to the original.

A new team, led by physicist Ben Seong (Raymond Lee), has been assembled to restart the project in hope of understanding the mysteries behind the machine and the man who created it. Everything changes, however, when Ben makes an unauthorized leap into the past, leaving the team behind to solve the mystery of why he did it. At Ben’s side throughout his leaps is Addison (Caitlin Bassett), who appears in the form of a hologram only Ben can see and hear, just like Al Calavicci once did for Sam. She’s a decorated Army veteran who brings level-headed precision to her job.

Quantum Leap’s Magic, Jenn, Ian and Addison (NBC)

At the helm of the highly confidential operation is Herbert “Magic” Williams (Ernie Hudson), a no-nonsense career military man who has to answer to his bosses who won’t be happy once they learn about the breach of protocol. The rest of the team at headquarters includes Ian Wright (Mason Alexander Park), who runs the Artificial Intelligence unit “Ziggy,” and Jenn Chou (Nanrisa Lee), who heads up digital security for the project. As Ben leaps from life to life, putting right what once went wrong, it becomes clear that he and the team are on a thrilling journey. However, Addison, Magic, Ian and Jenn know that if they are going to solve the mystery of Ben’s leap and bring him home, they must act fast or lose him forever.

There was a Magic in the original Quantum Leap series, who was played by Christopher Kirby. Sam leaped into Magic in the episode titled The Leap Home Part II; while he was in Vietnam to save his own brother Tom Beckett. Magic was already considered a lucky person to be around before Sam ever leaped into him, due to getting soldiers out of harms way at the right time on multiple occasions.


Premeire date & Quantum Leap reboot cast

This series will air on NBC; on September 19, 2022 and stars Raymond Lee, Caitlin Bassett, Ernie Hudson, Nanrisa Lee, Mason Alexander Park.

I’m hoping that Scott Bakula will make an appearance in this at some point, however there is no official confirmations to anything surrounding this. Deadline reported in January that ‘Bakula is not attached to reprise his role or produce the new Quantum Leap but is aware of the reboot and has had conversations about potentially getting involved.’

What are your thoughts about this reboot? Are you looking forward to watching it? Comment below!

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