Venom: Let There Be Carnage Review

Tom Hardy stars as Eddie Brock and Venom in VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE review

This is a review for the standard 2D cinema screening of Venom: Let There Be Carnage. This movie is a rapidly paced movie that only scratches the surface of what the symbiote character can do.

The basis of this movie focuses mainly on the bond/relationship a lot more between Venom and Eddie than what is happening in the movie with Carnage, for this they did really well. There’s some heartfelt sympathy between Eddie and Venom, as a result this is a true symbiotic connection.


In terms of the way the film is; the Scenes feel do rushed in parts and the way they applied the actors voices over their younger counterparts of Frances and Cletus in the beginning was slightly out of place and jarring.

It would be have been better, if they had focused more on the character development for both Cletus and Frances during the beginning as well. Only later, get to see brief animations about why Cletus was there in prison, due to the age rating boundaries not being pushed and pacing of the movie.


The movie is a big step up in terms of CGI, especially the movements of the symbiotes, the fluidity and motion was smooth and transitions were seemless. Also, in other parts, when Carnage and Venom are in major sequences.

I really liked how the last part of the movie was reminiscent to Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 Church scenes and the parts with Anne there, that makes me feel like I am watching Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2.


The acting was great in this movie and I didn’t feel like that I had just been watching people playing a character; I felt immersed in this world.

Harrelson’s Cletus was as creepy as you would expect for the rating and didn’t hold back with his performance when he became Carnage. Hardy’s Eddie conveyed that frustration with wanting their life and career to be back on track and getting along with Venom while dealing with heartbreak from the previous movie still.

There are parts that are quite funny, such as the shop scenes that balance out the parts that are seen as emotional. There are also parts where I think it’s odd that someone with the ability of projecting sound would be with Carnage who doesn’t like sound and I like how they handled this throughout the movie.

Final thoughts

It was a satisfying ending and the sequel wrapped up some of the situations from the first movie. This film is definitely worth watching and a decent sequel, but could have been better with more time to focus on characters development for the villains.

I’m looking forward to seeing the future of Venom and Eddie in other projects. As well as hopefully getting to see the full scale of Venom’s abilities.

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