Best look yet of The Flash and Supergirl movie suits

The Flash suit in The Flash movie

Warner Bros. Disovery has recently showcased many of their movie suits; for characters such as: The Flash, at an event called Licensing Expo.

The movie is now due to release in 2023; after a series of delays were announced by WB, on multiple projects. At least we’ll still get to see Ezra Miller’s new Flash suit and Sashe Calle’s Supergirl suit being on display, in full detail.

The Flash movie suits

The Flash and Supergirl movie suits at an expo
Photo: The Flash Film News/@_life_of_kai

The suit appears to feature the muscular layer of a human anatomy textured on top, with an over-use of lines and the suit has those sleak gold boots. They could have made the belt longer!

What is that wrist feature on The Flash suit?

Closer look at The Flash wearing a wrist device.
Photo: The Flash Film News/@_life_of_kai

There are currently only theories about this wrist feature; the device could to control Barry’s ability in the Speed-Force. This feature could also be a version of The CW’s Gideon (a futuristic A.I computer built by Barry Allen). Lastly, a section for where his suit retracts back into.


Sashe Calle’s Supergirl suit has a minimal design; with red brought down to the emblem and blends in with her cape, very different to the style of Henry Cavill’s Superman suit.

Closer Look

Recently, at CinemaCon 2022; the first 20-minutes of The Flash movie revealed Bat-cycle chases and more.

Black Manta

A video also shows the new 2023 movie suit for Black Manta, in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Teaser Trailer

What do you think about all of the suits that have been fully revealed? Comment below!

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